Av case mod idea?


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I have been thinking for some time about getting a cool case to use with an av stack, unfortunity even the best ones out there don't compair to a decent av amp/dvd player ect.. for style or build quality.

How about converting either a monster DVD player like the pio or denon flagships or standard av amps from your current brand. Now i'm not crazy and suggest I pay £900 and rip out the guts, that would be one expensive case!, i think getting a broken one from ebay or even just an old model thats far to long in the toth and converting.

How difficult do people think it would be, i would like to convert something like a yam A/Z 1 stick a pc in it, get the imon remote and lcd pannel and maybe with a bit of expertese could get the volume/function plus other nobs and buttons to do something, otherwise they would be fine for just the look.

A quick scower of the net didn't show anything but if anyone has any links that would be cool.
Also does anyone think it would be possibile to get yam to sell a 2/4600 bare case?

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