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AV cabling schematic for review please

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by badson, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. badson


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    First post!

    Can you have a look at the attached schematic which describes how I think my home cinema should be wired.

    My requirements are
    1) I would like to be able listen to PC game sound through my 5.1 speakers. The Audigy2 NX is simply an external PC sound card.
    2) I would also like to record video onto my laptop hardisk and have an external PCTV USB device in order to capture AV.
    3) I would like to continue to transmit AV using my TV sender to remote TVs in other rooms.
    4) Of course I would like to watch and listen to DVD surround sound.
    5) And finally I have a Satellite TV connection through a set top box.

    I’ve read that it is best to connect the DVD and Set Top Box directly to the TV, to ensure optimum quality pictures. However, I’m loathed to do this, because I want to be able to control access to these through the AV receiver. What degredation will I get anyway, since I’m using SCART to S-Video? Slightly worried that I read somewhere that SCART to S-Video will result in a black and white picture, is this true?

    Any comments welcome.

    Many Thanks.

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