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AV cabinet required


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I am looking for an AV cabinet with the following features:

- around 1 metre tall
- 5-6 shelves
- big enough to fit the biggest piece of equipment (Yama 3800) Height 171mm,Width 435mm, Depth: 439mm
- lockable door at the front (child-proof!!)

I have searched hard on the web but see nothing that fits. The nearest thing I have come across is the QK from quadraspire but the Yamaha wont fit and its only 760mm tall.

Can anyone help?

If I cant find one off the shelf, can anyone give me guidance on how much something like this would cost to have custom-made (probably in oak if I could choose) and which companies are good at this sort of stuff.



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I had a similar problem with having a Yammy amp and a similar sized HTPC case. I ended up buying a self assembly unit and just leaving one of the shelves out.


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/me looks around in a shifty fashion, then mumbles "Argos" hoping nobody will notice.


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To clarify, my problems where with the height of things I wanted to put into the AV unit.

The Yammy amp would fit into some of them but I have a large HTPC enclosure as I didn't want to have to stream media so bought one that would handle 6 HDDs.

Anyway I bought a 4 shelf unit and simply left out the second shelf giving me a double height bottom shelf.


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BTW, Where in the world are you?


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Ahh OK, bit far away. There are a couple of places around here "Birmingham" that build furniture to order at not to ridiculous prices. Unfortunately although I have been into their shops I do not have the company names or phone numbers. If you have no luck finding something off the shelf, PM me and I will grab a phone number next time I am passing.

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