AV cabinet, not a rack


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We're doing a little DIY job of building a house. It's getting there and I need to think about where the AV kit is going. The living area is open plan, but there will be a shelving partition between the living and dining areas.

My plan is that part of the partition should contain the AV kit. I reckon I need at least 6 shelves with some having more height for the receiver and other large items. To protect it from the kids and keep it discrete I'm thinking of a tinited glass door. The back will have a door as well to give easy access to the cables. One thought is to use a metal mesh on the back to improve the ventilation. I know the cable box (NTL Pace) gets pretty warm and there may be a PC in there as well.

Has anyone built anything like this? I'm not after audiophile stand quality, but I want something pretty rigid to keep the vibrations down and keep it all safe.

I'm guessing that something like thick MDF would be a cheap option. Not sure how to fix the shelves, especially if I want to allow some adjustment. I'm not sure yet what the outer finish will have to be to match the room.

Any suggestions?



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With DIY projects I always find its best to imitate and slightly innovate. Copy somethign that you know works and mod/customise it to your own taste.

I would recommend looking at the racks made by Mid-Atlantic, they are the best racking systems that you can get, and cost a lot too.


Good luck and post some pics when you can.
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