AV but need the pre-outs!


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Hi All!

Decided to finally get some more speakers in my stereo life!

I've currently got a Cyrus amp and some B&W 602's. I very much want to keep the Cyrus for driving the audio (I like it, it sounds good and it is sentimental).

So I want an AV amp up to the £400 mark.

Normally what I do it look for something older and higher spec second hand and do that, however I am a bit concerned that the world of codecs doesn't always work like that!

I need an amp with a full set of pre-outs so that I can keep the Cyrus in the loop and so far have thought of the following:

The new Yamaha V667, the Onkyo TX-NR807, Onkyo TX-SR875 (going cheap, but old now??!!?) or the Sony STRDA5300ES (top of budget).

Any better ideas?


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I am in the same boat, want to keep my fronts powered by the Audio Lab.
But, it seems many manufactueres, certainly in the low to middle range tend
not to provide pre-outs. My research has come up with Marantz, Yamaha, and Sony, was not aware of the Onkyo. My budget, is in around the £400.00 mark.

Personally, I wonder how much sonic difference is there when moving up the model range within a manufactueres line? I was tempted with the Yamaha 765 but am waiting to hear on a possible deal on a 1065. Is the 1065, considering I am not driving the main speakers with it, any better than the 765?

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