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Currently I use a Sony STR DH800 in a 5.1 configuration.
I also use the Sony S-Air rear amp to wirelessely power my rear surround speakers.
All small speakers are MS10 on stands , with a Mission sub.

I think its time for a change - and I do not like sound bars , nor do I want to stream music in lots of rooms.

So I want an Amp that will allow me to have wireless rear speakers for my surround sound, whilst acknowledging that the rears will require a 13amp power supply.

I have been steered towards the Yamaha RV-X range which transmits a wireless rear signal in 5.1 , however , Im not struck on the design.
I do however like the Denon range , which uses their HEOS technology , but I suspect that it cant transmit film audio , but only music wirelessly.

So what are my options apart from the Yamaha please ?
Budget is dependant upon required spec and not necessarily the lowest price.
Many thanks

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Thank you for taking the time to reply , BUT that is not the kind of AV amp I want.
I like the Denon range of AV amps IE Denon AVRX2500H for example

So I am still looking for an AV Amp that can transmit a wireless signal of Film soundtracks to the wireless rear speakers that is capable of encoded sound - IE 5.1 or 7.1 and not streamed music.

Anyone else have any experience please ?


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Denon do not facilitate the inclusion of HEOS speakers within the main room as surrounds with their conventional AV receivers. You can only integrate HEOS speakers into a aurround setup in association with Denon's HEOS Bar and the HEOS AVR. The HEOS abilities of their conventional AV receivers are restricted to using HEOS to distribute audio to other HEOS devices located elsewhere in the building.
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In what way are you not struck on the design of the Yamaha? To me most of the ranges made by the modern manufacturers look pretty much the same. Big black boxes with a couple of knobs on the front. The exception being the marantz with the porthole arrangement which looks pretty awe full to me. The Denon you linked to looks much like the RXV range from Yamaha the RX A range just look a bit classier with the metal front

Bigg Dugg

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Just personal preferance - thats all.
Bit like how we chose a car - its the look , performance etc etc
I think the Yamaha looks fussy with all those little buttons etc

Its just me

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