AV Amp with HDMI interfaces carrying audio?


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Does the HDMI interface carry multi-channel audio? I understand that only the latest Amps with HDMI 1.3 can carry audio over this interface..is this correct ? Presume this would mean no more optical cables.

Anyone tried this as of yet ? and can I find a Amp sub £250 capable of doing this ?

Sorry..absolutly newbie who has now switched from buying an always on to an amp !


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HDMI has been able to carry 8 channels of 192kHz audio since 1.0. The issue is whether the amplifier has an HDMI switch or whether it accepts signals over the HDMI feed. This question is orthogonal to the version of HDMI, and you therefore have to check if the specific amplifiers you're interested in will interpret audio coming in over their HDMI channels.

As far as audio is concerned: HDMI 1.1 added DVD-A bitstreaming (there are no DVD-A players that require this), 1.2 added SACD bitstreamining (there are no SACDs that require this, and I don't even know of any that support it) and 1.3 added HD streaming (this is used by some profile 1.0 bluray players) and protocol specification to support auto-configuration of lipsync.

The entry level Onkyo supports audio over HDMI, but I don't know the UK price. It shouldn't be too far off your budget. Otherwise, I suggest you look at the second-hand market.

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