AV amp with EQ control? per channel?


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anyone reccomend an AV amplifier (5.1 or 6.1) that has some degree of EQ control in 6.1 mode and not just in stereo mode?

my pioneer VSX-D814 would be great if I could just notch the high frequencies up a bit, which I can do in stereo mode (bass and treble) but not in 6.1 mode:thumbsdow
it just sounds altogether too dull, even with the brightest speakers I could find,

any ideas?


I would consider using an separate 5.1 decoder/processor with 5 budget power amps with EQ control, if there is an affordable way to do it?


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A Pioneer 1015 will let you do that and so will a few others I think.


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i may be mistaken but i'm sure my Denon 3803 does......not per speaker, just an overall bass or treble control......i'm sure it applies to DD and DTS as well as stereo and other DSP modes.....dunno about its successors the 3805 and 3806 models....

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