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Afternoon guys,

Time for change it seems. My 2 channel stereo amp can no longer accommodate our needs, or does it ??...

Some years back I did away with the old AV amp and kept things 2 channel, with a decent Rotel integrated. As my son is now enjoying his games, we have a lack of HDMI connections. Here's a list of what we now have :


Sky Q
Yamaha MusicCast controller (for streaming music from NAS drive, not that we use it much !)
Nintendo Switch

(May look at adding a Blu-Ray player)


Rotel RA-12 integrated stereo amp


Tannoy DC6TSE floorstanders


Fairly recent Panasonic with surprisingly just two HDMIs ?!

So, my thinking is option 1, revert back to an AV amp with all the required connectivity. Option 2, Get some sort of HDMI splitter. I would need something that auto detects the signal. Would I lose quality going down this route? Option 2, look to the future and go for the minimal approach with the new Sky glass system... although I can't see it being as good as they're making out ?

Worth mentioning, I stuck with the Rotel as I enjoy good sound, although in reality, I rarely listen to music on this system, hence thinking a reasonable AV amp might do the job.

If I go the AV amp route... any recommendations for use with my Tannoys?

Thanks all in advance :)

Joe Fernand

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You can add a multiple input HDMI Switch to one or other of the HDMI Inputs on the TV and retain your current kit.


Joe Fernand

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Plenty units offer AutoSwitching - though when they rely on the Source to trigger the switch you can get caught out by the fact that many streaming devices have 'always on' HDMI Ports so defeat any auto switching.

We have units by HDFury which work very well - though they are at the upper end of the price range.




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Just an update on this, I decided to keep things tidy and (hopefully) future proof the system, i've ordered an Arcam AVR390. Blowing the budget somewhat, but hey ho.

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