AV Amp to Hi Fi Amp Connections

Mikey 21

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Hi Guys,

I want to update my nearly 20 year old AV/Hi Fi set up. I am currently running a Sony STRDB940 5
.1 doing the surround sound duties. I use the “pre outs” from this amp to the dedicated processor input to run the left and right channels on my Arcam Alpha 10/10p combo. Using the processor input on the Alpha 10 gave the Sony AV amp control of all channels

I would like to stick with Sony for the AV amp as its been a great amp and so reliable. Trouble is the newer Sony AV amps don’t have pre outs? Any suggestions?

I would like to replace the whole Alpha system as the CD player operation is temperamental. The amp is also starting to show its age where sometimes the front panel display doesn’t light up and input selectors often won’t switch. Other than this, it’s also been brilliant.

I am at a loss as to what I can replace it with? I would like something comparable with Arcam’s 100 wpc but it seems a lot of the newer stuff just doesn’t have dedicated inputs for AV channels such as the one I am used to? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your time.



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I believe the Arcam alpha 10 amp was about £800 when new back in the day 20+ years ago. Accounting for inflation, in today's money, is about £1400-1500.

Whats your budget?

To be honest you'd probably have to spend at least that to replace it with a bi amp system of similar performance and sound quality.

Of the power amp is working fine, perhaps you could replace just the integrated amp. The Alpha 10 is more difficult to fix as it has a digital display/switching.

What speakers are you using?

Mikey 21

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I’m getting the Arcam SA30 and CDS50 delivered on Monday. I will just run the integrated amp on its own until a suitable 2 channel power amp comes to the market. I am using Tannoy XT6F speakers. I will use these bi wired.


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There is no benefit in bi wiring to the sound quality but you might as well for convenience if the cables are already wired up. Im not familiar with the SA30 so Im assuming youve checked that it has HT (home theatre) bypass to allow it to bypass the preamp.


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You may not need a power amp with the SA30, whereas an upgrade of the Sony AVR may be more effective. As the Sony AVRs have not kept up with the rest, I would suggest to consider a Marantz SR5015. It also has much better Audyssey Room EQ.

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