AV Amp to go with Infinity Oreus Speakers?


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Hello all....

New to this sight nut thought i would give it a go..

I have just bought a set of Infinity oreus speakers after hearing them at a demo... They sounded fantastic and so bought them... Now i am wondering which AV amp to buy to go with them.

Currently i have a yamaha 595a, which is ok, but not fantastic, the surround sound does not steer around the room very well at all, and stereo music is less than average

When i tried the speakers in the shop, they used a HK 5550, i thought it sounded pretty good, so i am thinking of one of the newer models, maybe HK 330, or 430. Does anyone have one of these receivers.... any good?

What about the Pioneer Ax3, any good for stereo music, as well as surround sound.

I have around £600 to spend and a relatively small room.

Currrent system :- Yamaha RDS595a, Pioneeer 565a DVD, Sky +, Infinity Oreus Speakers.


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The HK's are better at stereo than most other brand amps in the price range.

£600 can get you an ex-demo HK5550 if your interested.


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Thats what i thought Dfour.

I was offered the HK 5550 for 499 + VAT, at the store, but thought that i would look into other amps first.

I want to know if there is a big improvement in the new HK Receivers (330, 430 etc) or not. Or is worth trying the pioneer.

I am also open to any ideas on amplifiers that will go with these speakers.


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Might be worth trying the Denon 2803, Yamaha RXV1400 and Marantz SR7400 as well mate.


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Dfour got one imported from Germany using hificonfidential.de for the grand total of £505.

The SR7400 can be had for £489 all inc from AVLand, but I haven't seen the 3803 for less than £600 yet.


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I've just replaced an Arcam amp driving a set of large mission speakers with a Harman Kardon AVR 507 and the Infinity Oreus. Haven't had a chance to put the speakers in their correct positions or even tune the volumes and delays etc but first impressions are that the sound is - to my ears absolutely bloody marvellous and easily as good as the old big-box setup. DTS and DD soundtracks sound much clearer than I've ever heard them so it's a big thumbs up to Harman Kardon. Processing has obviously moved on a lot in the last three to four years.

I read that the Oreus are designed to go with HK amps (same company) so I think you can't go wrong with HK particularly as you demoed the speakers with it.


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Yep.. Thats a a good point Bonce, i think that i will go for the HK amp, its just a matter of deciding which one. Not sure, but i think i am going to try the AVR 330, although tempted with the 430.

By the way does anyone know what the Rs232 Port on the back of the AVR 430 is for? Only the 330 doesnt have it, but the 430 does.


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They are usually used for upgrading the software within the amp.

Always a good thing :):)


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the RS232 ports on HK amps are both for upgrading and IIRC for integrating control systems like Crestron or AMX.

Bloody good amps BTW, and 430 upwards have audio delay too!!!!!!


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Well thats excellent, as i have just asked my brother in law to bring one(430) back from the states, when he comes home. They seem to be half the price on the US websites.

I assume they have voltage selectors on the back of the amp?

Hope so!

I seems like everyone that has experiance of these amplifiers has something good to say about them, so hopefully i have made a good choice.


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Check out the pioneer amps like the AX3. The amp will almost certainly not have a voltage selector on the back, you will need a step down converter. These cost about 60 quid for a 500 watt which is more than enough. Search around on google for one and you can find these. The amps work fine but watch out for the tuner as these may not work, pioneer's work fine so do denons but no sure about marantz tuners.


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They definitely don't have voltage selectors. I was in the US recently and wanted to do the same thing as the prices are less in $ than I've seen here in £ but unfortunately they are US voltage only. :(


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Hi taylorp28,

I see you've got the Pioneer 565A DVD...I've got this paired with the Pioneer C501 amp and Infinity Oreus...it all sounds damn good together i must say!! :clap:

I personally think it sounds better that the HK stuff, but hey, that's just my opinion for what it's worth...:thumbsup:


Clive G

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