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Looking for a budget amp, and have come down to 2.

I can buy a Yamaha RX-D485 for £389, or a Pioneer VSX534D for £269, both 2 yr warranty.
Or I could pay £399 for the pioneer from richer sounds with a 6yr warranty.

I realise the D485 has a Wi-Fi connection, music cast, a network port and is airplay compatible.
The Pioneer has DAB, Bluetooth for playing wirelessly within the room, and is cheaper. I feel the Pioneer is better value.

Are there any reasons I should not go for the Pioneer?


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You forgot to look Denon X1600H which offers even more features than those two models, it`s 7.2 model so 5.1.2 atmos/dts:x is possible, it also has the new dolby atmos height virtualization feature so you get some height effect without physical extra speakers (5.1). It`s out of stock now, but more arriving early December! 359,90£ with 3year warranty!

The cheap Pioneers are a question mark, 400£ is overpriced for 5.1 model though. Yamaha is known from reliability and they do sound good, but the price is too high for old model (2018) as the new RX-V4A won`t cost lot more. Both Pioneer and Yamaha have global crossovers meaning one setting for all speakers, it might not be issue but worth mentioning if you are mixing larger and smaller speakers. Personally i would wait for Denon or at least wait until thursday to see Black Friday deals. There will be some lower prices for the budget receivers.



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Thanks Gasp for your comments, really appreciated.

Yes will wait until later on in week to find out deals, see if anything else pops up.

Sadly my budget at present is prob up to £300, could squeeze 10/20 up possibly.

One reason looking at the Pioneer is that it does 4K up scaling and notice the Denon doesn’t. I have a Humax box which is 1080, so it would make this better. I do appreciate the Denon though looks better value for what you get and def has more features.

If there is better out there that does the 4K upscaling and up to £300, do send a link over.

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