AV Amp for TV & Projector with different display positions


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Hi all.

I am looking for an AV Receiver that can handle a TV & a projector that have different display positions.

The Projector is set up to display on the back wall of a square room, and the TV is above the mantelpiece. There are 4 speakers in each corner. At present, I can either setup Surround sound for one of them OR the other. Does anyone know of any amps that can dynamically re-assign the connected 4 speakers dependent on HDMI output?

IE. When HDMI Out 1 is selected, FL, FR & SL & SR Send to the corresponding speakers, but when I switch to HDMI Out 2 (TV 90 degrees off kilter) Then FR & SR become FL & FR, & FR & SL output SL & SR information.

Research on here would suggest Denon & Marantz amps do NOT have this feature and Yamaha MIGHT with their 'scene' feature? Can anyone confirm they use an AV Amp in this manner and if they do, which is it?

Many thanks in advance.


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I came here to ask the same question - I'm (hopefully) buying a new house, but the TV and projector will definitely be in different positions, and different enough that it won't make much sense to use the same speaker setup for either

So far the only possible option I've come up with so far is to use zone 2 for two separate speakers for the TV, which obviously means adding extra speakers, which can look cluttered

Did you ever find an amp that could do this?

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