Av Amp for AE EVo 3's...please advise.



hey all..

After Much MUCH looking around and asking lots of questions iv finaly come down to my 5.1 setup.

Im going for the Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 3B package...Had a demo and im very happy with them. I need an amp to run these speakers.

Sevenoaks have got a Marantz 5500 for £380 (Ex-demo), would this be a wise buy.

Or would a Denon 2106 be better? a new one is a similar price to the marantz.

Any other amp options for around the price range??

Thanks in advance :)


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I demoed the 2106 last week with the 1906 and a few other amps, all using the AE Evo3s and i ended up going for the Denon2106. Amp is superb and seems to match well with the Evo3s...but "health warning" i`m pretty new to this av lark, so my advice probably isn`t worth too much!.


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The Marantz could be a good match especially for the price. Ask if you can demo them together. The Evos like loads of power.

I would also recommend looking at the Yamaha 757 (or better still) 1500/1600. I have the evos :) and the rxv1400 and have added a power amp to them which really improved the bass power and timing as it freed some more power in the Yamaha. Highly recommended :smashin:


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Denon 2105/6 or marantz 5500 are two greats matches!

Great advantage to the Marantz in musicallity and amp REAL power.

Go to the Maratnz route!

A friend of mine has the EVO3 + Marantz SR7400 and loves it!


iv done the deal.... :thumbsup:

My Kit:

Acoustic Energy AEGIS EVO 3B speaker package

Marantz sr5500

QED Silver Anniversary speaker cable alround with plugs both ends (Bi-wire for fronts)

Stands for rears

All for £1074

I had a demo in sevenoaks and was amazed with what i heard. I cant wait, so excited, going to pick them up saturday :clap:

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

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