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My Denon 1602 is on it's last legs & I'm looking for a replacement around the £300 mark. Any reccomendations ? Need DD,DTS,PRO-Logic 2,RDS Tuner, At least 2 optical inputs.




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brand new or you ok going secondhand?

if you happy to stick with Denon then i guess the 1906 fits the bill quite nicely, gives you some modern chippery for surround decoding plus reasonably good video abilities considering the price....

alternatively, look on the trade forums or wherever for a 3803 second hand....fantastic amp i own myself, lots of continuous power to drive most speakers and pretty good surround ability in my opinion, altho some think its 3805 successor was a fair bit better in that regard....i dunno, i guess it also comes down to the speakers and placement as well..lol.....anyhow it also has reasonably amount of video ability altho only 2 component inputs which is a sorepoint for me now...lol.....it also has zone 2, plus A/B switching on the side rear speakers so you can have different setups for movies and m/channel music...

alternatively there are plenty other choices from the likes of Yamaha and Pioneer that depending on the rest of your system may suit better, but i'm not quite so au fait with all the new models, someone else might be able to give you an idea :)

(if you can edit your post or post again with what speakers you have it might help folks offer potential matches)


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Cheers Knyght_byte. I'm looking to replace my Denon 1602 as I'm having problems with SKY HD and the Dolby Digital signal dropping out, it looks like there may be some compatability issues with Denon amps. I have the Keff 2005 eggs & sub, with Sky HD & a Panny DMR E80 HDD,DVD. Any further reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. I could stretch to £500 so anything in the £300-£500 bracket. I'd like to have it as future proof as possible with the auto set up.
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