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Hi guys

I have a sony 5.1 Amp which has a bunch of composite in and one composite out.

It occurs to me that I can use this amp as an component splitter so that I use my dvd player and Xbox 360 together. As composite and component both have the same connectors.

Is this possible? I am guessing that the amp will just pass the signal on and not interfere.


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No, this is not possible.

Composite and Component are completely different. As you say, the Amp only has one output connector; how would you connect the three Component connectors to this?

Many AV Amplifiers/Receivers have multiple Component Inputs and a single output and support Component switching. It seems though that yours does not.


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Thanks for the info.

My Amp has three inputs, and one output. (It also has s Video but that isn't needed). I can switch between the inputs on my remote control.

The question I was asking was not if my amp would split the signal but if the composite connections can handle the component signal. Elsewhere on these forums I have seen a discussion about a composite splitter that was available from Maplins which did the same thing (sadly it is out of stock) which could handle the component stuff and worked very well as a component splitter.

This has given me hope that my Amp can do the same thing as I really don't want another box and remote control to deal with. (the alternative, to only have one component hooked up doesn't bear thinking about).


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How many connectors are there on the ends of your DVD & XBox component cables?

What REVILspud is saying is correct. Component signals are split over at least 3 cables/connectors so we can't see how you can connect 2 sets to your amp which only has 3 composite connectors & also run another set of component outputs from a single composite connector to the TV?

Or have we misunderstood your question?


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Sorry for not making myself clear I meant to say that I have three sets of composite connectors, (nine in total) in and one set (3) out.


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i think what PeteD64 and rEVILospud are saying is that the composite connectors comprise of 1 video and 2 audio inputs ( yellow,white and red)
whereas component inputs are red,green and blue + audio. the key is with component the video is split over the three connectors, composite it's only 1.
Hope this helps


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Tvjunkie said:
Sorry for not making myself clear I meant to say that I have three sets of composite connectors, (nine in total) in and one set (3) out.
I see what you mean now, sorry didn't think about the audio connections along with the Composite video.

Unfortunately I think this is still not possible.
I can see that this would work fine for a simple switch but I do not think that an AV receiver will be able to do the same; as it's not just simply passing it through. The amp will be trying to process and output audio from the L & R audio composite connections, but it would be recieving video through these connections; god knows what sound would come out!
I am assuming that you are planning to use the 3 composite connections as the 3 component video connections and then use either optical or co-axial for the sound; I am not really sure which audio input it would try to output (digital or analogue) if both are plugged in.

It sounds like a bit of a dangerous experiment to me.

Joe Fernand

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Hello rEVILospud

Where your AV Amp or Receiver lacks Component video Inputs and Switching you can add an external Switch to the system.

If you only require to switch two Component video equipped sources a JS-Tech Master Component Controller will do what you require for 55.00 GBP; see http://www.js-technology.com/produc...id=49&osCsid=79de654d36c22f5aa783682808a563c0

If you require more than two Inputs then a Zektor HDS4.1 (215.00 GBP) is a good option - http://www.zektor.com/hds41/index.html

Best regards


PS I think what your original post was alluding too were folk who were installing THREE low cost 3x1 passive composite video selector switches from B-tech and if you switch all three in tandem you effectively have a low cost 3x1 Component switch.

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