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Av Amateur Looking To Better Myself

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by robabob, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. robabob


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    Hello all,

    First post on this site and I'm looking for any advice offered....

    My set-up has been cobbled together over the past 8 or 9 years as I've scraped enough cash together after buying the children's shoes etc normally I've taken advantage of sales / 'last year's models'.

    Basically I've got a Thomson 36" TV (5 yrs old but happy with the picture quality),


    Bose cubed arrays for front Left Centre and Right and rear Left and Right, I've got a Bose Acoustimass sub-woofer on the front and one on the rear (not sure if I should have both wired up but it has given the room a bit of a shake over the years). I got these about 6 years ago from an American armed forces store total paid about $550.

    An early model Sony DVD player - DVP S325 (bought in Germany)

    and my Amp is a Sony STR DB830 (bought in Germany).

    My Amp is dying at the moment (used every day for about 7 years). Having read up a bit and got a bit bogged down I think I'm going to replace it with a Yamaha RX V750 (which my wife thinks is a motorbike). I can get one for around 470 Euros less some German tax - so it should come in at about £270.

    I realise my set-up might seem a bit strange but the kids think Shrek is brilliant on it and I haven't got a fortune to spend. If anyone can put me straight on the Yamaha and give me any advice on how to get the best with what I've got I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks


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