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I got my Sony 32"FQ70U from Dixons as a replacement for the
Panasonic PB50C which developed faults (CRT and remote control sensor probs). After reading the manual, I was ready to go through the auto-setup. However, when I switched it on, it was already set-up! Does this mean Dixons have given me a used model or is it standard procedure they switch on/auto install before they deliver?


Paul Atreides

I don't have an FQ70 but autosetup should almost definitely have been presented the first time you switched it on.
I think someone's used it before you.

Hopefully someone with an FQ70 can confirm this.


Thanx for the info. I don't think I ever saw the box it came in!
They took the Panasonic PB50 away and used the Sony box to transport it! There were no stickers on the screen. The remote control didn't have batteries inserted as I remember doing this myself. I've had the set since February. So far I've only had to adjust the set in service mode to fix the vertical colour smear.

I'll have a look at the timer to see how long it's been on for. I guess I'm way too late to work out whether it was a used model or not. I have a 5 year guarantee with Dixons.

Could I give Sony my TV serial number and see if they can trace the history?


You have my sympathies. I have for a long time wondered what happened to the tellies that have been rejected by other shoppers for one reason or another. One would hope that they are returned to the manufacturer to be tested, corrected, checked and correctly repackaged and then recycled.

I suppose that some retailers dont always bother with the correct proceedure though....
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