Automating An Active Sub?


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Hi all,

I'm guessing this is about the right place to ask. For an absolute age I've been meaning to ask the question as I'd like to, if possible remotely turn on an active sub? I've in the past opened the enclosure up & with a length of flex and a switch relocated the power switch else where in the room more conveniant but I would like to not even have to switch it on myself altogether.
My AV kit is powered through a power saving device, the sort activated by the TV remote power button being turned on & shuts everything down 20 seconds or so after the power consumption of the TV drastically reduces, i.e when goes into stand by.
Could I fit a relay across the power switch inside being triggered by a 12 volt psu plugged into the same power saver so when the AV kit is turned on the relay will trigger thus switch to sub on? What sort of relay would be suitable for the job?
If not any suggestions at all? Even preferable if it could be switched on by the amp some how?



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I see no reason why you can't use a relay but why not plug the sub into the strip controlled by the tv power??

If its a very big sub then maybe that's why, but yes the relay will work, power rating will have to be chose to match the sub max but bigger is always better.


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If you have a 12 volt trigger on your amp you could get a 230 volt relay with a 12 volt coil and run the mains to the sub through the relay.
The relay will then change state as the trigger voltage is applied


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Just get a ecotek ir power adaptor for a couple quid.
You plug the sub in to it and it has and ir lead which you can teach it to learn a ir code and you can use a normal remote to turn on and off.


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