automatic trigger for garden visitors?

We seem to be having a few visitors in the garden (including boar!), and have polecats, deer and elk around here also. I want to try and set my camera up with some kind of trigger so that and movement etc sets of the shutter. Is there anything I can use without too much modification that could do this?


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Thanks all. 200 bucks is a bit much for me but they look great! Jim, might look at what's need to get that micro laser set up thanks!
...the team on the TP/Phototriggers site are lookin at developing more triggers and had beed testing a laser one - feedback is that they are a "B!tch" to setup regarding getting the laser/receiver aligned over more than a few inches and they are looking at getting an IR based one working which is apparently much easier... I'll keep an eye out and see what I can spot :)

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