Automatic Photo Slideshow on the TV


I want something as simple, or simpler, as the digital photo frame... that can display my photos automatically on the TV without a load of button presses.

Turn on and the slideshow is running. So with the TV it would just be a case of selecting the av input and the slideshow is there.

Something like the Raspberry Pi that can be set to look in a folder for photos and display a nice slideshow automatically - with transitions and full screen. The Pi could be set to boot up and launch the slideshow automatically and could be powered on when I turn on the extension lead that the TV is connected to.

Is there a little device that already exists that does this?

The ps3 is ok, but you have to turn it on, select photos, launch the slideshow etc

The Apple TV Flickr feature from memory came up as a screensaver so this is a possible but may still be of many button presses.


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Instructions for turning a Raspberry Pi into a digital photo frame but as you can see thats quite a bit of work. Here's another one.

I dont know if such a thing as a digital photo frame with video output exist but that might be the easier path.

If you have a smartphone or tablet and a DLNA capable TV that might be something to try, any DLNA controller can push media to the TV somewhat similar to Airplay and no changing inputs required but there isnt usually the means to run a slideshow via this.


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The x box 1 modded with Xbmc makes a great photo slide show, i use it at Christmas, fantastic, other than that a wdtv live with twinkly beam can chuck media from an iPhone. Or a bb playbook has an hdmi output, and controlled by a phone.
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I think it's possible, i only use it once a year now with christmas photos and festive music. . xbmc on an old Xbox is very versatile. Its only a button press to select photos. I use it with a component connection to a 42 inch Tv and the pictures are great.

There is a little bit of work involved to mod an old Xbox. Or find a decent one on gumtree. Best media player for non hd stuff, still can't be beaten. IMHO.


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You could do that with the R-Pi running XBMC via Raspbmc distro.

1) It is a tiny low power draw device so it is intended to be left on 24/7 like an AppleTV.
2) Slideshow could probably be left running all the time but loading it on start-up it not possible as far as I know.
3) All your photos would need to be in one folder, to start a slideshow you browse to the source and press left to bring up side menu then select slideshow.

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