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Do any of you have any autobiographies you would recommend?

I've taken too reading recently and have read the autobiographies of Morrissey, Neil Warnock, Brian Clough, Ricky Ponting and Andrew Strauss - all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Do any of you have any recommendations? Not particularly fussed on what genre, I'm open too all suggestions, although I'm more likely to read a book by a politician or sports star.

What autobiographies did you enjoy and would recommend?

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In the past year I've read Walter Isaacson's bio of Steve Jobs and Keith Richards' Autobiography, "Life".

Enjoyed both, but Keef's book, in particular, was great.


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Really enjoyed Ronnie Wood's, Slash from Guns n Roses, The Motley Crue (often recounts from 4 different perspectives). Roy Keanes and Robbie Fowlers are what I would consider "classic" football books now.
A slightly unusual recommendation would be "High Concept" the Don Simpson Biography. He was the man behind loads of huge 80s blockbusters such as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Days of Thunder etc. Its a great read and the luncay and excess of the man will astound you!


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It's not an autobiography but "A life too short: the tragedy of Robert Enke" by Ronald Reng is one of the finest biographies I've ever read so I'm going to recommend it to you here.


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Recently read Suggs' autobiog. Very easy read and a page-turner. Also David Attenborough is a good one too.


Read quite a few autobiography and biography. Barry Norman was one of the hardest to read, and Robert Vaughn was quite insitful but about 50% was political.
Jon Pertwee was good as Keith Alien naughty but fun. Peter Cushing's 2 autos were very good. I read some on Marvin Gaye and The Rat Pack which also were good.
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As a wrestling fan when I was younger, The Rocks autobiography was a great read, also Shane Warne and Sir Alex Ferguson were good reads.
I would also recommend Sir Alan Sugar bio and as already mentioned the Steve Jobs Bio.


I picked this up this morning in hard back for £6(still available to order and be delivered to local The Works free), I think was the last in stock in the shop.
Seems a Marmite character some people find him annoying and other like his eccentricity.


BTW I take it he starts of as he means to go on, this was in the intro of the book.
Swear word in clip.


Just finished the book this morning last 4 pages, read about 50 yesterday but at 1am could net keep my eyes open, then of all things could not get to sleep.

Anyway good book not totally boisterous as the first story I mentioned above but does some tricks and tells producers to *$&^ off. It does show a different side to him you never think in a thousand years but I believe him.
Definitely one of the best autobiography/biography I read.


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