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Auto switching - again

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by freekie, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. freekie


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    OK been reading up on the messages as much as I can and was wondering if anyone could confirm if the following would work, or is just a stupid idea.

    I want to route the sky & DVD recorder video through my Yamaha RXV1500 for simplicitys sake, the on screen display, (and her indoors) so that sound and picture switch over together. Not a problem.

    Sky - DVD Recorder by Scart-Scart
    DVD Recorder to AV Amp by Scart-Svideo
    AV Amp - TV (AV3) Svideo-Svideo

    DVD Player - TV (AV2) by RGB Scart-RGB Scart (audio feed to av amp) I will manually switch the sound for the DVD player.

    Problem - currently the sky - DVD Recorder go straight to the TV via scart so the TV auto switches to AV1. By sending the video through the av amp I have to go to Svideo this will loose the auto switching on the TV as it is done on pin 8 of the scart(?)

    My possible solution - Get a scart lead Connect one end to the DVD Recorder. Open up the scart cable and separate the svideo wires. Cut the svideo wires and connect svideo plugs to them. Plug these into the svideo in and out of the AV Amp. Plug the other end of the scart lead into the AV1 socket on the TV.

    Any comments from you knowledgable people would be most appreciated.
  2. MarkE19


    Aug 10, 2002
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    Rainham Essex
    The problems I see with your connections are:

    Most Sky STB's don't have an S-Video output
    Does your DVD recorder have an S-Video output?

    If Sky does not output S-Video then all TV from Sky will be in black & white. If the DVD recorder does not have S-Video then that will also be in black & white.
    IMO your best bet would be to leave all the video connections as they are and get a programmable remote and set it up with macros. This way you press one button with something like 'Watch TV' and it turns on the receiver, TV & Sky and sets the correct inputs. You just set up a macro for each source that you have, and a macro for switching it all off. This method means you can put all the individual remotes away and just use the macros to do everything in easy steps.


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