Auto standby issue on sub woofer

Chris B

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Oct 9, 2008
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I have recently purchased a Onkyo LSV 501 package.

Apart from an issue with getting the sound from the TV to to speakers which has been addressed elsewhere in this forum and highlights its a TV issue, i am very pleased....however.

Can someone explain what i can do to stop the Sub-woofer "switching off" as in going into standby mode.

I have read the RTFM and it states it will do this if it doesnt get sufficient bass, however even with the best action soundtrack and the setting at subwoofer +12, it goes into standby mode after a few minutes. Unplug the jack and replug it in and hey presto its great. Light goes from red to blue, all is well for a few minutes.

Please help this newbie out.

It sounds like you're not sending enough signal from the amp.
If unplugging/replugging the jack restarts it, it's probably because you are causing a surge as you do so. Don't keep doing that, you might blow something mate :nono:

Have you set the speakers to small with a fairly high crossover?

I can only suggest you re-read the manual, pages 55-57, as you might have missed something.
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Belated thanks for your advice and help. Works a treat now. One very happy user !


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