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I'm looking at a new amp, probably the Yamaha 465 and I'm wondering what the auto set up does? It's probably similar to other makes, so almost a general question.

I've got an issue with speaker positioning and wonder if it will sort that out through checking timings, plus bass/treble set up etc.

Can anyone enlighten me?


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This is from the Yamaha 1500 manual and describes what YAPO does. The newer Yamaha amps may be slightly different, but as you say, most autoetups are pretty much the same.

YPAO performs the following checks and makes
appropriate adjustments to give you the best possible
sound from your system.
Checks which speakers are connected and the polarity of
each speaker.
Checks the distance of each speaker from the listening
position and adjusts the timing of each channel.
Checks the speaker's frequency response and sets the
appropriate low frequency crossover for each channel.
Adjusts frequency and levels of each channel's parametric
equalizer to reduce coloration across the channels and
create a cohesive sound field. This is particularly
important if you use different brands or sizes of speakers
for some channels or have a room with unique sonic
YPAO equalizing calibration incorporates three
parameters (frequency, level and Q factor) for each of the
seven bands in its parametric equalizer to provide highly
precise automatic adjustment of frequency characteristics.
Checks and adjusts the sound level (volume) of each

BTW I've often found that the Yamaha YAPO often gets the speaker size wrong. If using a sub, go in and make sure that the speakers are all set to small and change if necessary.

With the next step up amp, the 565, you get the menu system for auto setup on the TV screen. With the 465, it is on the amps front panel only.
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Thanks for the text. It's useful to know that it can handle the odd distances and that it could also manage different speaker manufacturers, which cheapens the centre speaker problem.

My old Yamaha hasn't got it and I'm always convinced people's lips don't move in time to what they are saying - it looks like everything has been dubbed.

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