Auto Scene Detection on Adobe Premiere?



I've been using a trial version of Premiere (v6.0), and although its a little daunting for a newbie, I like it.... but I have a problem.
I have tried another package (was it Video Wave?) and this could automatically detect scenes after the DV is "captured" to the PC... is it possible to do this with Premiere... how about the new version (6.5?)


Hi Mate,

I would like to know this as well....

The closest I came was to mark the points that you wanted and then use "Batch Processing" to make it happen.

Try Pinnacle Studio 8.1 as this does scene capture and it works really well it just isn't as versatile as premier for editing but the results are pretty damn good imho ;)

i use a package called scenalyzer that is solely for auto detection of clips on DV tapes. Works well and is free. do a google search to find it.

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