auto aspect on panny px60....


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having had this tv for a month now i am totally over the moon with it but the only 'minor' annoying thing is the 'auto aspect' setting for the screen switches size at the most annoying times. if set at 16:9 i get the black bars top and bottom is there anything i can do to change the setting on the tv or even my sky+ box???
thank you......


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There is a setting in the Sky box to output 16:9 (1.78:1)

I've noticed on a lot of channels there are the black bars top and bottom.

Most DVD's, IIRC are Anamorphic (2.35:1) so you'll get quite large black bars.

If the input is showing the black bars at 16:9, you know that what you're looking at should be correct (i.e. people aren't being stretched).


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so should i set my sky settings to 16:9 instead of 4:3???
also whats the second setting for screen size for on the sky box???


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