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    taken from

    Microsoft has been caught out in its Australian market once again.

    It seems that its HDTV pack, designed to enable game-playing on high-definition TV sets, is in fact incompatable with Australian television standards and has been withdrawn for shortfalls in performance.

    X-Box spokesperson Simon Balderstone said, "The HDTV pack does not enable HDTV in Australia since the highest resolution in Australia is 480i". "The progressive scan modes aren't enabled on the Australian system, so you can't get to the level of expected benefit here", he added.

    Mr Balderstone insisted, however, that Microsoft' HDTV pack was not to blame for the performance problems, but rather the existing, local HDTV standard was at fault because it capped resolution at a much lower level than the resolution level enabled by the HDTV pack overseas.

    However, Professor Duane Varan, from Murdoch University's Interactive Television Research Institute, stated that there should be no problems with achieving higher resolution levels on Australian HDTV. While 480i is the standard PAL resolution, he said, "Australian HD televisions can handle 1080i, which is the Cadillac of high-definition".

    Professor Varan suggested that Microsoft probably tried to release an HDTV pack designed to Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) standards, which set television standards for the US. By contrast, Australia used the the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard.

    "The monitor shouldn't be an issue, but it might be an issue to modify the Australian pack to accept DVB standards," Professor Varan said

    Microsoft, in other words, are blaming the problem on Australia's supposedly lower resolution standards. While the 480i named by the X-Box spokesperson is a PAL stadard, however, it does not mark the limit to Australian HDTV capacity, since HDTV monitors can be set to handle multiple resolutions. The problem, it seems, is that Microsoft tried to release an HDTV pack set to US standards, without modifying it to Australia's Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard.

    Source: The Australian - rewritten by Rob
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    what I love is that PAL isn't even 480i!


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