Aussie PAL OK here


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Just been looking at
Was just wondering if DVD's encoded for Aussie PAL are ok in UK

Bone Daddy

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No problems at all,used EZY-DVD quite a few times and their service is fantastic and the prices are always nice and cheap :)


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Thanks for that, will give them a go.
What are their delivery times like ?:)


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There is no problem with the TV standard used on aussie DVDs - it's identical to ours, (ie. PAL).

Australia ARE however in a different region to us. They are 4, we are 2.

The majority (but not all) Aussie DVDs have a dual (or more) region code meaning that they will play OK on unmodified Region 2 equipment. However, there ARE occasional titles that ARE single coded for R4 - in which case a multiregion player is needed.

The EzyDVD website quotes region codes from the disc packaging. In many cases, this does not tell the true story - they often quote R4 (only) when, in fact the disc includes R2.

A reliable source of accurate region information is the Australian review/comparison website....

If you have an R2 only player - check your intended purchase out here before buying. Or, get your player modified. The savings that can be made by buying in Oz will quickly cover the cost of a region free mod, if you need one.


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Thanks Nigel ,I'm ok as I have a multi-region player.
Also thanks for clearing up the PAL issue as I was unsure as to whether it was same as here.

Bone Daddy

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Delivery most of the time is excellent,bettering half the suppliers in this country,I order on a sunday night and have gotten them as early as wed` - thats good going in my books.


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Hi all, got to agree on the delivery times. One DVD I sent for got here in 4 days, amazing and I have never had one take more than a week normal 4-6 days.

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Some Aussie disks are NTSC encoded. Only a few mind you, but in those cases the DVDs would appear to be identical to the R1 and probably are R0 encoded.

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