Auna WH-300 5.1

Connor McGregor

Novice Member
Hello I'm in the process of building a ghetto home cinema setup. I have a very limited budget. I have a BenQ W1060 projector and I've recently bought a near new Onyko TX-SR308 AV receiver. I found these German made speakers and I'm going to buy them tomorrow.

Now before you all tell me they're rubbish I don't have anything left in my budget and can't find anything local that's second hand. Also they are white so they wil blend into the room. I could only find German reviews of the speakers so running a few through translate is they are surprisingly good for the money.

The build quality isn't the best apparently but I can live with that.

So my question is about hooking them up. Should I connect them all straight to the receiver of should I use the connection s on the subwoofer?


Connor McGregor

Novice Member
So does anyone know how I should connect the speakers up? the back of the woofer looks like this..


I have done some more looking around and I think I have to plug all the speakers into the AV receiver and then run a cable from the "sub out" to the woofer. I should not use the built in amp on the woofer,is this correct?

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