Auna Line 300 subwoofer


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Hi all,
Considering getting one of these for one of the kids (well, they're in their 20s haha) for Christmas... for £100 brand new that big with a 10" woofer, I'm imagining cheap and cheerful. Has anyone experienced one? How bad are they?
Bear in mind that most of my son's home cinema is made up of old components from my system... and my system is hardly state of the art haha!


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Hello, unfortunately on many subwoofer no actual test based reviews are available so it's all guesswork, i'm also looking for a not so expensive sub and i feel the pain. Looking at amazon reviews i see mixed results, so maybe you could consider something else. Have you had a look at the Mivoc Hype G2? On amazon it has a vast majority of enthusiastic reviews, it's a bit more expensive of the Auna but not by a lot.


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In the end, I went for the cheap used subwoofer then have it serviced approach! If you go for one of those though, please let us all know what you think!
Cheers, Christian.

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