Audyssey results - Opinions?


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I have just finished upgrading my home AV system, gone is the Yamaha RX-V673 and Tannoy TFX 5.1 speaker set. I now have the Denon AVR-X2600H amp, QAcoustics 7000i's and a BK P12-300DF subwoofer, in a 5.1 setup. Many thanks to member Gasp3621 who helped with the BK settings.
I realise the position is not ideal, but it is the only place it can go, including the subwoofer.

Was wondering what people make of the Audessey figures, as not quite sure what they should be! I used all eight measurements which Audessey recommended, the system picture is from my watching position.




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Looks normal, they’re tiny speakers so you can’t expect much bass from them. Why didn’t you use the floorstanders in your photos as your fronts?


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They are for my hifi, the right speaker is the other side of the fire place, so they would not be in a suitable position to the TV


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Looms like your sub is a little high with it measuring at - 6.5db? Maybe turn it down a touch? What is the frequency range of your speakers?


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If all 5 speakers are at 95hz I would likely have the crossover set to 105hz/110hz/120hz depending on the options your amplifier gives you. Also depends what you subs range is. Ultimately it's what sounds best to you tho!

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