Audyssey help with Marantz SR5009


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Evening all,

Just set up a new Marantz SR5009 receiver and have some questions about the Audyssey settings its coming out with....which seem a bit off to me and wondered if anyone can shed some insight for me.

The crossovers it has calibrated for me after running Audyssey setup is as follows:

Fronts 200hz (sets as small speakers)
Centre 60 hz (sets as small speaker)
Rears 40hz (sets as small speakers)

This is when I run the test with the living room curtains closed......When I ran the test with the curtains open, the crossover it set for the fronts are 150hz.

To me these figures don't seem right and from initial testing of movies or playing a bit of call of duty I can tell that there is no depth to the sound....or not as much as I used to have on my old processor.

Its also worth mentioning that my set up is slightly different, so not sure if this will factor in its weird numbers either, so I will list my gear so your all in the full picture.

Marantz SR5009 but NOT using any of its amplification.
3 x Crimson mono blocks for fronts and centre.
Crimson stereo amp for the rears.
2 x Rel Q100 subwoofers.

I read a Marantz instructions about setting the subwoofer to 50% of full volume and have the roll off and max.....which I've done on both my subs.

Does having 2 subs cause issues when running Audyssey?
Is using external amplification causing issues with the onboard Audyssey setup?



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Audyssey are not responsible for the bass management and this is down to the receiver's manufacturer. The auto calibration uses the roll off as measured by Audyssey though to determine where to set crossovers. Audyssey do suggest you not set it lower than the calibration determined. However, you are free to override this without it having any detrimental effect upon Audyssey room correction.

Yes, you room's acoustics will effect the measurements and curtains can effect how audio is either absorbed by them or reflected by the window into the room.

With your receiver, although 2 subs can be connected they are treated as one and there's only one set of settings to cover them both. This could create issues with timing if both subs aren't exactly the same distance from the primary listening position?


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Thanks for the subs are placed on either side of the TV, so they are equal distance from the primary seating position.

I was really surprised at the figures for the crossovers it set in, I thought they seemed very high...200/150hz for the fronts....I would have thought they'd be closer to about 100hz or less???


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AVI NuNutrons for the fronts and the rears and a B&W cc6 centre speaker....will have to have a quick google to get the ratings of them.

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