Audioslave - what do you reckon ?


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I was a fan of RATM and Soundgarden but just can't get into Audioslave, they don't hit the spot for me. What do you all make of them ?


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I watched MTV over the weekend and saw them play Cuba... (first ever American Rock band to play there). They seem quite cool guys... I also own 2 of their albums. I like about 50% of their material, but those tracks which I like... I really like!


Seth Gecko

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I've got both the Audioslaves albums and I don't mind them, but I'd rather have RATM and Soundgarden instead. It's a bit like Jerry Cantrell, it's fine, but I miss AIC.


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The band IMO are a good band and do have some very decent material, I think the problem (for me anyway) is that where I was into Soundgarden and R.A.T.M. they just aren't as consistent as either.

I do like what they do but......... I don't seem to play the albums much. :rolleyes:


Edward Catflap

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How to ruin a perfectly good album? Get Tom Morello to do the "guitar solos" on it. Rolf Harris could do a better job with his stylophone. Give Tom a copy of The Alter Bridge album to show him how to do it properly I say.


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eviljohn2 said:
I wasn't that much of a Soundgarden fan but Audioslave are average at best for me - there's no depth or meaning to the songs IMO. At least they're better than Velvet Revolver who are the absolute pits. :)
:eek: ill cover my eyes and hears, VR are awesome!

First Audioslave album was awesome, out of exhile takes a few listens to get into but is still a great album. I liked Soundgarden and loved RATM so naturally i knew id like AS.


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Audioslave are ok. The first album is good in places, but like many CD's has that one or three tracks too many. The 2nd? Well.............

VR's album is a bit 'samey' as well. Grows on you though.

Didn't rate Soundgarden or RATM that much either tbh.


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I STILL can't get into Out Of Exile no matter how many times I've tried. I really did, and still, like Audioslaves debut, but really have given up on OOE.


I think they're OK, they have some really good songs but the rest are just a bit boring. Loved RATM and Soundgarden, though I find RATM a bit tame nowadays :)

Saw AS live at the first Download festival, at that time they didn't sit well on a festival stage.


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Was a big fan of Soundgarden and RATM but Audioslave don't quite do it for me. Saw them in Brixton a month or so back and they were great - played a few Soundgarden tunes (including Spoonman) and finished off with Killing in the name which was blinding :thumbsup:

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