For Sale AudioQuest Colorado 1m XLR cables *price reduced*

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    I have 4x 1m pairs of AudioQuest Colorado XLR to XLR cables which I bought in December. All are boxed, in good condition and perfect working order.

    They were a worthwhile improvement over the AudioQuest Python cables that I owned previously, which were an excellent cable anyway. The only reason for selling these so soon is to replace them with a set of Niagara cables.

    At this stage I would like to sell 3 or 4 pairs together, so that I can pay the difference and get the complete set of new cables straight away, rather than have to wait for them all to sell individually before being able to purchase the new cables.

    The retail price is £770 per pair. I'm asking £1050 for 3 pairs and £1400 for all 4 pairs. If 2 people are interested in 2 pairs each at £700, I'm also happy to do that.

    Location: Coventry
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