Audiolabor preamp, Nakamichi cassette deck


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Hi forum members

I was given some hifi components by a family friend yesterday that I do not know too much about, particularly the preamp.

Audiolabor Reign preamp
Nakamichi CR-3E cassette deck
Sony CDP-333ESD Cd player
Onkyo T-9990 tuner

I have a basic knowledge of hifi owning early Rotel, newer NAD amps BEE, Marantz PM6004, Rega TT etc.
The Nakamichi brand I had heard of and of course the Onkyo and Sony.
The preamp is an Audiolabor Reign. From what I can gather from the very limited info online the company was german and produced high end audio components for a while and was owned by Helmut Brinkmann. I found a page or two online but unfortunately I do not speak German!
Please let me know if you have insight on any of these components.


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Personally, I’d get a great pair of active speakers for the preamp and sell or donate the rest.

A good modern streamer with internet radio will sound excellent.

Apparently Brinkmann left Audiloabor in 1985 to found Brinkmann Audio, so it’s likely that the preamp may well need a service.

But, by what I can find out about the fellow, he certainly was a very well respected audio engineer.
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