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Audiolab Amps Query


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Hello everyone,

I currently bi-amp using 2 x 8000A’s with one unit configured as a power amp. This works superbly with the already spectacular sound further enhanced by the bi-amping.

However I now have a need to remotely control the pre-amp as we listen to the audio from our Virgin Media box through the amps.
I am naturally reluctant to downgrade to bi-wiring from bi-amping and therefore the option a) below is what I was thinking of doing. However I was wondering if there was anyone out there who has first-hand experience to say that the sound quality of Option b) below will be better?

Option a)

Replace one of the 8000As with a 8000S and keep the existing 8000A configured as a power amp to continue to enjoy the clarity produced from bi-amping.

Option b)

Replace existing setup with the 8000Q plus 2 x 8000M combination. This would obviously be a downgrade as far as bi-amping is concerned but I guess this may have equally or more superior overall sound quality produced by having a totally separate pre-amp and totally separate power amps for each channel? Obviously this would be a lot more costly and would take up more space, etc.

I welcome any comments hopefully(!) based on real listening tests carried out with the above two options.




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An 8000q is a big step up from an 8000a/s. Its designed to be a preamp. Rather than a do it all box like the other two.

Monoblocks should be again should improve on biamping, by keeping channels completely away from each other.

Dont forget once you have your fill of two monoblock you could quadblock!!

I have gone from an 8000LX then added a PX then swapped in a Q and finally added a second PX. I noticed improvements all along the way, the sound just feels so undercontrol. However it also became more and more analytical (and a bit too bright) which has recently lead me to look for a new set of interconnects. I got my hands on a good PX first hence why i have ended up on this route. I had seen very very very few MXs so decided to go down to two power amps rather than expand onto monoblocks

Your two options however you are looking at a BIG cost difference!

You can still run an 8000sin pre/power can you not? so you would still be biamping with the 8000a

Are you looking at new audiolab or old (pre tag) audiolab.

A brand new set of 8000q/2*8000m from supefi looks like a cool £950.

and the scary thing is

A good "f serial" second hand set of old audiolab will probably set you back somthing similar!

I dont know the price of secondhand "new" audiolab kit.
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