Question Audiolab 8200P vs Musical Fidelity A3 Dual Mono


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Hi Everyone!

I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some last minute, pre-purchase advice? I'm seriously considering purchasing an Audiolab 8200P amplifier to drive my KEF LS50 speakers.

My (direct) source is an Audiolab M-DAC receiving mostly uncompressed or high bitrate music files.

I'm currently running a MF A3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier, which has served me so, so well (but looks like a bag of spanners, with it's gold trim). I'd like to be reassured that the Audiolab amp will in fact be an upgrade, preferably one I'll notice :)

Thanks for your expert advice. It's really appreciated.

Yours with heebyjeebys...


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I've got one, with an Audiolab 8200DQ as source, and it was way better than my Arcam A85 integrated at driving my 4ohm Dynaudio speakers.

More bass, punchier sound, more detail, more everything really!

That of course is of little relevance to your situation, but it works fine for me!


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This is probably too late for you but I demo'd the LS50's with my 8200P and they were pretty awesome! I have never listened to MF A3 dual mono but given what current owners are saying here ...

Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated Amplifiers reviews -

I suspect the MF is not a great pairing for LS50's. My minor niggle with the 8200P is hum from transformer when it is on but not in use. Take your kit to dealer and demo the 8200P to verify that the difference from your MF does indeed justify the expense. Also you can pick up 8200P 2nd hand for under £250 on ebay. You can pick up older 8000P for under £200 and AudioLab kit lasts for ever if you look after it. My 8000A (bought 2nd hand for £120 more than 10 years ago) is probably > 20 years old and still sounds great. The extra 40WPC of 8200P over the 8000A makes a difference to the bass making it more articulated and punchy IMO. I am using the 8200P to drive power hungry 4ohm speakers (Rubicon 2's).
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