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Question Audiolab 8000S & P. Now What?


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I have an Audiolab 8000S/P pair (from the 80s) which I have been using for many years now. A while ago it started acting up and would click (like when you change input on the input selectors) randomly.

I took it for a repair to a reputable guy I know and he said there were some dry joints and components that should be replaced which was expected given its age. He also said that removing the poweramp part of the S (given I use the P anyway) could also help with the issue and he would give me a discount off the work for it anyway. He was very up front about the costs and gave me the option to sell it to him or return it to me if I feel the repair was not economical etc. I went ahead with the repair. It actually did sound better afterwards too!

Now it has started doing the same thing again (clicking and cutting out in the same way) but I notice it is worse if I change the input by hand rather than using the remote, so suspect it is related to the input selector itself. So I am moving house soon so this is an opportune time to sell it and then re purchase after I move, so some questions:

1) Is the input selector likely to be an easy fix? Is it even likely to be the actual issue?

2) Would you just sell it and buy something else? If so:
- What is it worth and where is best to sell?
- What would you replace it with? Budget is probably £500 plus whatever I get for the Audiolabs
I have a pair of JMLab Focal 816S. I like the pairing with the Audiolab- quite neutral and balanced.



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How long since the repair was it before it started playing up again?

I had a similar issue with my AudioLab 8000a. Moved it out to redecorate living room. When put it back one of the channels had gone. I was feeding it the analog output from a Sonos connect.

I used this as the "excuse" to upgrade to new AudioLab 8200P and 8200CDQ that had digital inputs the 8000a did not have. This cost me a lot of £££.

I then stumbled across Red Hill Audio on the net who repaired my 8000a for less that £100 and did a very good repair. I regretted the outlay of £££ as I preferred the sound of the old 8000a to the new 8200P/CDQ combo.

So ask yourself the question. What do your really want? An excuse to upgrade or to fix your existing system at lowest possible cost?

If the former sell your current kit. Don't think you will get much for it as there is already a lot of that type of thing on flea bay so buyers market.

If latter. Get it repaired again. If it was not long since it was last repaired I would not go back to same person to repair it. If more than 5 years and you use it a lot, I don't think you can complain too much about the original repair. Might be worth getting opinions from a few repairers to see if they are telling the same story and then go with the one you think sounds most convincing/trustworthy.

Sorry I don't have knowledge/experience to answer your question 1 but that is the question you can put to the repairs you speak to and compare notes.

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