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AudioLab 8000A : Broken or Not



This maybe one of the dummiest question in this forum.
I scored a second hand AudioLab 8000A. Right now, since
this is my first time to own this amp, I don't know if
this amp is broken or not. When I powered ON the amp,
the MM/MC LED lit up and I heard a clicking sound. But when
I started playing a track from an MP3 player(connected to the
CD input) , there was no sound coming out from the speakers
connected to the amp. Does it means the amp is broken or do I
need to warm up the amp first? I f I need to warm up the amp, how long
will it take to warm up the amp?
If it's broken, any idea which module is broken?



Established Member
I have an 8000A in my bedroom..great amp! I know these suggestions sound a bit daft but have you:
1) Tried the phono cable in a different input................i.e. tape 1/tape 2 input??
2) Made sure the speaker on/off button on the front has not been accidently turned off?
3) Checked the speaker connections?
4) Tried headphones? (The 8000A has a very good headphone stage BTW;) )
5) Tried a different source?
Sorry these are simple suggestions, but sometimes it can be the last place we look!
That click you are hearing is the amp switching on so can't be a fuse problem. There is one in the rear panel (i only discovered this last week after all these years!)

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