Audiolab 6000CDT and Pro-Ject Pre-Box S2 DAC pairing

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I'm thinking of replacing my old Technics SL-P200 with a separate DAC and transport. I've heard good things about the 6000CDT and it's really a question of choosing a DAC to go with it.

The 6000A amplifier is the obvious choice as it has the DAC the 6000CDT was designed for but I don't want to replace my existing amp (NAD 310) and if I'm spending £600 I would rather spend the money on a dedicated DAC than an integrated amplifier I don't need.

Anyone have any experience of the Pro-Ject DAC and/or the Audiolab products or have any DAC/transport recommendations in the £300-£600 price range?


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If you buy a dac for cd player or transport, it really doesn't matter what cd player or transport you buy, the dac decides the sound. You may already know this.

If it were me I'd buy a well reviewed cd player for half my budget (based on reviews that made the unit sound appealing). I'd then test the cd player, if happy, great, if not look at a dac.

If you need a dac anyway, I'd buy that first and just plug in the digital from your existing cd player


For your budget I'd be more than tempted to look at either the Marantz cd6006 (Cirrus Logic 4398) or the new cd6007 (AK 4490). Still probably the best CD players under £500 and will push those in a higher price bracket very hard indeed. I have owned the cd6006 and currently have the sa8005 which uses the same Cirrus DAC and both units perform extremely well.

Any CD player with digital outputs can work as a transport if you feel an external DAC is required although I doubt you would with either Marantz player.


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This looks like fun


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Another option is a CD player that can also be used as a DAC. Quad CDP-2's in decent condition can be found within your budgetm, for example.

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