Audiolab 6000a Play firmware update issue


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Hi, I can't seem to find any resource on the internet about this. I tried asking Audiolab via their Facebook but they really are not very responsive there. Hopefully I can get some help here :)

So I am trying to update the firmware on my 6000a Play. Currently I am on version 0.24, that's what's stated on the display panel as I cycle through the menu. I went on Audiolab's site (Downloads – audiolab) and saw that the latest version update to be 0.30.

I followed the instructions but somehow I am not able to get my 6000a Play to recognize the file. On the display panel, it says something like "File not found" or something to that effect.

I've tried all variations, left the file zipped, unzipped but within a folder, as well as having the .bin file outside of folder. I even tried to reformat my USB drive to NTFS as well as FAT32, and my 6000a Play doesn't seem to be picking up the update bin file, regardless.

What could I be doing wrong? Has anyone experienced this before, or tried updating their firmware? I don't mind trying all the steps again, if you can guide me with the detailed steps. Many thanks!


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Try a different USB drives
Just gave that a try. Doesn't work as well. The display panel says "File no". If I take out the usb drive from the USB update port of my 6000a Play, the display panel will say "In U D". So at least based on what's changing on the display, the USB port works fine as it is responding to the presence of a USB drive. The update file name is "6000A.bin". Any chance Audiolab could be "packaging" this update file wrongly?


Re Audiolab - it is possible, have you asked them?


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Re Audiolab - it is possible, have you asked them?
I've sent them an email and a Facebook message. No response from them yet. Typically these support channels have 24-48 hours response time, so I'm gonna give them that.

I'm seeing a lot of complaints online about their customer service being almost non-existent, I really do hope they're wrong.

wine man

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TBF I used to work in the trade and IAG (Audiolab distributors) had excellent service back up, one of the best.
What they might suggest.. I have a Gold Note phono stage that I was struggling to update. Gold Note offered to do a computer share and did the update for me while they were linked to my PC.
Best of luck with it anyway.


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Hi iam, you are using the wrong firmware file! There is a difference between the 6000a play and the 6000A. The newest firmware of the play is 27. The 30 is voor the amp only!

Go to : Downloads – audiolab

Scroll down to the download drivers section and download the 6000A Play Software Update & Instructions

Good luck!!


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Heyy guys, I forgot to update my experience here. Yes, at the time of writing my original post, the update file that was on Audiolab's website was wrong. They had the older 6000a update package (030) filed under 6000a Play. How I know this is because the update package was named as "6000A.bin" and the correct filename format for the Play version is "6000AP.bin".

I managed to get my 6000a Play updated after getting in contact with my regional distributor in South East Asia. They got in touch with the factory and they sent me the correct update file via email. This was about 2 weeks ago. Even at this time, the website was still listing the wrong update package for the 6000a Play.

I reported this back to my regional distributor and suggested them to inform the UK HQ about the error on their website. I guess this has been fixed now :) which makes me happy! And thanks @thabass for pointing this out to me!

Special thanks to Rob Flain from Audiolab's UK HQ for pointing out whom I should contact (their support flow) and Lawrence from Par Audio Singapore (Audiolab regional distributor for SEA) for actually resolving my issue, very promptly too, I must add!

K from Malaysia

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