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I'm about to purchase my first hifi setup this week and very excited but nervous and would love to hear your opinions. Purpose is stereo music as a priority, followed by ability to connect to my TV for a 2.0/2.1 sound system. Main source of music has been Spotify premium, but I'm planning to subscribe to Tidal for a hi-res source once I get my hifi system set up. My budget is £1000-1400.

I was attracted to the Rega Brio amp but discounted it due to no digital inputs, so not great for TV. On speakers, I settled on Dali Oberon 5's after trialling them and KEF q350.

My question is: Would you recommend what I'm going for, for my use case and price range - Audiolab 6000a, Dali Oberon 5 and Chromecast Audio to stream Hi Res music from Tidal? I intend to bypass the Chromecast audio DAC so it only acts as a hi-res streamer. Are there any better alternatives I should look at? Will I get better sound quality from a Bluesound Powernode 2i compared to the 6000a + Chromecast audio? I would also like to keep open the possibility that I use a NAS for playing local music collection in the future.

I haven't figured out why I should get a network streamer like the Audiolab 6000n if I already have a DAC in the 6000a and just need a WiFi streamer which Chromecast can provide. Any insight here would be much appreciated!



Whilst the music is in in the digital domain then there will be no difference in sound quality between streamers - it is the DAC and subsequent analogue amplification that affects the sound quality.


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Thanks larkone. I've read some more and it seems there is a debate about whether the Chromecast audio would deteriorate the digital signal before it reaches the DAC. I would have thought that's not possible as it's 1's and 0's but interesting to read the debate on forums.

I'm thinking now if it's better to go for the KEF LSX wireless speakers instead as a cost effective option for Hi Res streaming, or whether the 6000a + Dali Oberon 5's would still be better with an aptX bluetooth streaming connection only.

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