Audiogremlin's extremely cramped system


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Lighting in this room is pretty bad so the pics have a yellow tint...sorry!

This is my audio/gaming/computing room. It's a room in the basement which was made into a spare bedroom originally. I took it over as my equipment was in dangerous territory out in the open with my daughter learning how to walk.

Here's a pic of the main system.
- Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier sitting on a 1 3/4 inch slab of granite
- Proac Tablette Reference 8 Signature speakers on Skylan stands mass loaded with sand
- Samsung LN40B550 40 inch LCD TV
- Cambridge Audio DacMagic sitting on Audio Prism Iso Bearing feet
- Sony PS3 slim
- IBM X31 laptop with Windows XP slimmed down as per CICS optimizations. Connects to DacMagic using a Turtle Beach USB to Optical soundcard
- Arcam CD73T CD player sitting on Audio Prism Iso Bearing feet
- Chang Lightspeed CLS405 powerline filter
- Madcatz Street Fighter 4 fight stick tournament edition
- Power cables are Gutwire BP-16 and Shunyata Venom
- Acoustic Zen Epoche speaker cable. Cables are elevated off the ground using some Jenga blocks I glued together to form cable elevators
- Acoustic Zen WOW balanced interconnects
- Van den Hul "The Well" unbalanced interconnects

Directly in front of the main system on the right side is the computer desk.

This is my gaming PC.

Core i7 960 3.20 GHz
Asus Sabertooth X58 motherboard
12 GB 1600 Triple Channel RAM
Sapphire HD6870 1 GB video card
Intel X25-E 64 GB SLC SSD for OS only, runs Windows 7 Home
Kingston V-100 128 GB SSD for programs
OCZ Vertex 128 GB SSD for data
Asus Xonar Essence PCI-e soundcard
Corsair TX850 powersupply
CoolerMaster HAF 932 full tower case
Dell U2410 24 inch LCD monitor
AudioEngine A2 desktop speakers
Logitech G110 gaming keyboard
Logitech G9x gaming mouse
Razer Destructar gaming mousepad

On the floor is a NAD T753 receiver that I am not using at this time.

And to the right of the main PC is the other part of the desk which has an Alienware M17x laptop...for gaming, and a MacBook Air for browsing.

The Alienware is the big red laptop.
Core i7-2670QM 2.2 GHz
8 GB 1600 Dual Channel RAM
NVidia GTX580M 2 GB video card
17.3 inch WFHD1920x1080 120Hz with LED 3D Bundle
Two 500 GB Hybrid hard drives in RAID 0 running Windows 7 Home

The smaller laptop is the MacBook Air 11 inch.
Core2duo 1.6 GHz
4 GB 1333 RAM
128 GB SSD running OSX Snow Leopard

Behind the Air is my headphone setup...picture following...

The headphone setup.
Sennheiser HD800 headphones
HeadRoom Desktop Amp/DAC
HeadRoom Desktop Powersupply
Shunyata Venom powercord



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That looks great, if only I had the space to do something similar. Where did you get the desks from, if you don't mind me asking? And how high are they?


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Thanks. The system unfortunately to me, is very sterile in feel. I need to find a suitable painting or maybe put in some room accents or plants to give it a more inviting feel. Too bad the room is so small though. It really limits my options so I'm more than likely going to get rid of the room treatments and put in some room accents.

@henlin, the desk is from Staples here in Canada. I don't recall what the desk is called but you can find it on The desk is actually 3 parts but I took away the middle piece as it restricted how I could set things up. The desk height is of normal desk height as well. I thought it was be cool looking to have a glass desk but man are these things hard to keep clean.


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Thanks. It is a great getaway space but I just need it to give me a more comfortable feel.

LOVE the HD800's. The detail that comes out of those headphones are incredible. Really puts my main system to shame. I think I'll try a tube headphone amp later on. The HeadRoom products are great but the highs on these headphones are so crisp that it may become fatiguing on some material. I'm thinking a tube headphone amp may help in that regard.


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Thanks all. Since you're all giving me compliments on the room, here are some more pics. :)

A better look at the gaming PC. It's sitting on a Musical Fidelity Stable-1 anti-vibration platform.

20...yes I know, it's too many...20 external hard drives. There's over 30 TB of storage here. I REALLY need a better storage solution.

Here's an angled shot of my Chang Lightspeed powerline filter. Whether it does anything beneficial for the sound, I do not know but I have it there anyways.

Arcam CD73T CD player. I use this if I happen to want to spin a disc. Most of the time it's the music laptop that gets playtime.

Cambridge Audio DacMagic. Not the best DAC out there but it does the job.



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...Here's an angled shot of my Chang...
I read this bit and sniggered to myself... :p
Also, that's a buttload of external HDs!
Is there any particular reason why you have your PC on an anti-vibration thingy?


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that room is quality and so are the components. the proac's look very stylish and i bet they pack a punch that is unexpected for such a small size. also- props on the headphone rig!! how do you find the hd800's?


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@Joecoral, hahaha....yeah, I see it now. That just sounds so wrong...
Yeah, the hard drives have becomed a big mess. I need to find a better solution to consolidate them all that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. The PC is on the Stable-1 because I didn't want it to sit directly on carpet and it lets me put it to use. I have two of the Stable-1's but aren't using them so I figured why not. Plus it looks decent. Kind of gives it a higher end look in my opinion.

@donkamio, the Proac's are great speakers but the sad part here is the Ayre is just not a good match with them. Proac's are suppose to sound exceptional with tubed gear. I unfortunately, did not do my research until after purchasing the two (I heard so many good things about Ayre that I just had to have a piece of Ayre gear). The sound is good but not great. The HD800's are fantastic. If you are a headphone guy and have a chance to pickup a pair, I absolutely recommend them. Also, these are hands down the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned.


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Finally got artwork up. It's a "Blocks 2" from Patrick St. Germain. Looks pretty good and because of the design, it can work as a diffuser for the room too. Next step is to remove the ugly room treatments and add vases in the corners with some modern looking plants.

You probably don't need quite as much acoustic paneling imo in fact just the ones directly behind the speakers ought to do, and if not already you could fill the speaker stands with Atacama Atabites (will help bass)....lose the post cards too and I think you'd have the ultimate man cave there dude.


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So I got rid of almost all the acoustic panels and put in a couple vases with sticks. I like the look. It matches the artwork piece I bought as well.

audiogremlin said:
So I got rid of almost all the acoustic panels and put in a couple vases with sticks. I like the look. It matches the artwork piece I bought as well.
Much better mate. And I do like the art work....


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So I decided to make use of my PC since it was severely under-utilized given it's specs (I was just using it to watch streaming TV from my SlingBox). I bought the Logitech G27 racing kit so now the PC is a racer system. Here's an updated pic of the PC...another step in this being a great man-cave. :D


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