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Hi everyone,

Please treat this review as a novice review at describing iems. I will lose many of you when I tell you that these are used in an iPhone! I do own a naim cd, pre and power amp running Dynaudios and this is me trying to give you some audiophile credentials! I think anyway?!

So, I started out years ago with the standards buds but then bought some Westone 3s. I absolutely loved those. To describe, I loved the large soundstage they offered, with a warm sound that wasn't too clinical. I would say that voices had a weight and roundness. I like a bit more bass in my music but not to be overwhelmed by it. Certainly not the beats version of anything. I found myself listening to music in bed and the only negatives of the westones were the cord and the comfort. The cord being twisted made it awkward and the westones were less comfortable when lieing side down. Then someone stole them and that was that!

So I moved on to various cheaper buds like the etymtic and klipsch x10s. I found these to both be thin in their sound. The range they offered always felt like more needed to come out but couldn't. The klipsch were better in my view and also easily used in bed. Then the wire broke at the hub in the x10s and they were useless. This is a well recorded issue.

So I started looking at westones again and put a question up at avf. I got a few responses and one of them from 'headbanger' suggested af180s. I then read what I could online and these seemed to fit my needs. I ordered from Amazon and they arrived today.

They come in a lovely leather box. The cord feels like a woven one but no in-line remote.

I don't know if there is a warm up period but I must say that early signs are good. Adele, Sam Smith, Gemma Hayes, Ella Enderson and many other voices come through very well. The base is a little less apparent than I would like but maybe that will change. The bond themes do have a certain soundstage and these do come across well.

To be continued....

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