AudioEngine Speakers?

Hi guys

Does anyone on here use AudioEngine speakers?

I'v been looking at getting a white set of A2's for the iMac and some black A5's for the TV / Front room.

Has anyone got any experience of them, sound wise?

recommendations or not?




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I have the A5's in my dining room as part of my airtunes set up and LOVE them.

I also bought the A2's for work to use at presentations and they are very good as well. I have some sound sticks as well but the audioengine's blow them away.

I would highly recommend them.

The only thing to be aware of it the so called airport socket on the back of the A5's needs a special adapter, the US adapter plug for airport did not fit so I plugged the airport direct into a four way strip, not a big deal.

The only other thing to consider they don't have a remote so turning the volume up and down has to be done through itunes (itouch/iphone remote).
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The mixture of shapes / sizes / colours in my AV setup shows that brand loyalty means nothing to me, but I have got two pairs of A5s and a pair of A2s :)

I have the A5s linked to Squeezebox streamers in two rooms and the A2s connected to my Powerbook. I don't believe that it's possible to better the A5s with separates at a comparable price level - one of mine replaced a good Rotel / Mission setup and improved on it significantly.

The A2s are fantastic for their size although I'm not 100% happy with their bass handling. I haven't had them long and expect that playing around with their positioning may improve matters. They're still head and shoulders above any other 'computer' speaker - just suffering from my 'A5' expectations :)

For the use you're describing, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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