Audioengine A5+ vs Q Acoustics M20?


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Hi all!

I was hoping to seek your advice.

I’m looking to purchase a pair of powered / active bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth / Wireless connectivity that I can primarily connect to my turntable, for around £400. I’m going to place them on my fireplace in the living room.

My research indicates either the Audioengine A5+ Or the Q Acoustics M20.

Which would you say are better speakers for quality sound and my intended use?



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The audioengine A5+ are a long term popular active speakers and have been around since 2012 whereas the M20's are the new kids on the block and are receiving many accolated from those hearing them.

As with speakers, sound is suggestive and although looking at the spec's the differences are small, I know I enjoy the Q Acoustics sound over some other brands but that isn't to say I feel the Audioengine A5+ is any worse, just I prefer one brand sound over the other which I'm sure someone will say the exact opposite

One thing I will add is whichever option you choose, you may need to factor in a phono stage if your turntable hasn't one already built-in as normal line-in will not be sufficient to hear a turntable work. So please be aware and as you are looking at half decent active speakers at this price point, you want to look around the £50-£80 mark as a minimum. This may ultimately dictate which speakers you decide to use

One other thing to be aware of is both speakers are rear ported and placing them close to a solid wall could decrease the bass levels of both speakers. So, if you can give than a little breathing space then both will work better for you sonically

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