Audiobuddy as preamp with turntable


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I need a preamp to boost the signal from my turntable. I bought a cheap one but it has no volume control (and, of course, I'm getting the dreaded hum and buzz). Anyway, I can get hold of an Audiobuddy from a friend and I was wondering whether it could be used as a preamp from my turntable?


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If it helps, here (I think) are the specs of an Audiobuddy:
ere's the spec's

- Two preamp channels with individually adjustable gain
- Each channel offers one balanced XLR (Low Impedance) or one 1/4"
instrument level (High impedance) input
- Phantom power both microphone XLR inputs
- Independent 1/4" outputs - unbalanced or balanced TRS
- Frequency Response: 5hz to 50khz, +0, -3dB
- Mic Gain: 60dB Max.
- Mic Input Impedance: 1K Ohm
- Instrument Gain: 40dB Max.
- Instrument Input Impedance: 100K Ohms


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That is just a mic pre-amp.

You specifically need a something with a phono pre-amp that includes RIAA equalization. The hum is due to lack of adequate ground connection to the turntable which a phono pre-amp would provide.

Something like this would do the job:


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Many thanks. The a2d looks a nice bit of kit but way more expensive than I was budgeting for. I ended up buying a cheap (£14) turntable pre-amp but, currently, I'm struggling to get the hum down to a reasonable level. Plus there is no "volume" control on it and, while it does boost the signal, I could do with a bigger boost so that the volume through the amplifier is nearer the level that other inputs/outputs are producing. I'm guessing a (cheap) phono preamp with volume control might work - if I could find one. Thanks

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