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    Hoping somebody here can help me out on a AV Switching soloution

    Bit of Background, i have 4 monitors fitted in a car & i have 7 sepertate items i need to view on the screens

    4 Cameras
    & a spare input for Ad Hoc applications

    now the striaght forward plan would be to use a remove AV switcher from Maplin but this is where it gets complicated

    i want to be able to view a differnt AV source on each of the differnt Screens

    Ie, 1 screen to view the Xbox, 1 to view the PS2, 1 viewing 1 of the cameras ect.... but i don;t want to limit them to the same screens so idealy i want to be able to view any AV source on any of the screens & it has to be able to be controled via some form of remote control

    has anyone got any ideas or come across a unit that can support this ?? or am i asking too much from a car AV set up ?

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