Audio upgrade for PS5 and how does it work?


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Hey forum!

Currently i use an Arctis 7P, but i've gotten into better audio recently, for now only music. But now i'm trying to upgrade my gaming experience as well. Is the Arctis 7P even a worthwile setup? Mind that i don't want to play competitively, i just want it to sound great and be fun.

How should i go about achieving this? So far i can offer the Sennheiser 6XX and a Fiio BTR5, a Bose QC35 and as mentioned the Arctis 7P. Is there anyway to make this gear sound great on a PS5?

I've read a lot about the SHP9500 for example, would this be a worthwile upgrade?

Should i bother connecting anything to the controller? I don't know if i'd loose a lot of audio quality this way.
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Just use the 7P with the PS5 using the USB wireless transmitter. On the PS5 set the output to headphones as all audio and also make sure than 3D Audio is enabled. This will be completely fine.

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